Sairam, a mechanical engineer, thoughtfully turned to bring his father’s long-awaited dream to come into reality.

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Muvva Apparao


Mr. Apparao who is the father of Mr. Sairam started his career at the age of 14 in the year 1972 as a young boy. He started as a young assistant hairstylist and worked with all leading actresses in those days

Passionately working and observing all corners of the industry he could become an individual hairstylist within 5 years of short span time. Mr. Apparov is the one who fixes the wigs for leading actresses

In 1978 he started focusing on hair products. He couldn’t take off his vision immediately since the family size was so big and he ought to take care of the whole as the first son of the family and so he continued to be an individual hairstylist in the south Indian film industries till 1988

In the year of 1988, Mr. Rao started his brand called “Yours Wig House” based out of Gemini Parson Complex Chennai. He intended to start a hair products manufacturing unit in 1992 with a wider vision of supplying wig products to the needed people like those who belong to the movie industry, cancer patients, and to men who got early baldness

The excellence in his vision is that he wanted to take this as a consumer product and wanted to cater it to PAN INDIA.

In this way, “Sri Sai Ram Hair Industries” was formed to give it to the public & society.  Mr. Apparao soulfully thought of making it a public limited company for the societal benefits, but again got a pause on his way forward due to financial constraints since all these years it’s been run by own savings



Sairam is basically a B.E Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Before starting his own business, he had a decade of experience in the hair industry and was taking care of sales, marketing and operations departments in an Organisation, promoted and managed by his father, Mr. Muvva Apparao.

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There was a break for 8 years after running the company with consistency, Mr. Sairam took over a vertical to connect the missing dots in the industry. Initially, he was into trading where supplying hair to China in bulk as a wholesaler

Sairam was aiming to provide No. 1 hair products. In this way, he established a human hair products factory with a vision of providing employment opportunities for 2000+ skilled workers

We have already trained 100+ resources where 50+ resources are actually eligible as he puts forth. We had purchased land in 2017 and constructed our factory to start our journey. The initial skilled employees were 100+. The global slowdown due to the Covid pandemic had an impact on our industry also. Sairam stated that he could retain 60+ employees only

This factory aims to cater the human hair products to the Indian customers, more effectively though we were serving African and other western countries. Sairam strongly states that he wishes to bring his father’s intention to make it real as the hair products should be consumer products like T-Shirts and Watches. So, significantly more women can adore their hairstyle with add-on streaks & frontals and men can add on stylish colorful streaks

Mr. Apparao and Sairam altogether prefer this venture to be a public limited firm with a single notion that it should not belong to one person, one family and it should grow generation after generation since it’s the skilling industry and many skilled people would rely on it. They have got a plan of providing skillful training to those who require it actually, jobs and living quarters to the staff members. Thus, society will be built on its course



Srilekha SaiRam is an alluring and energetic media professional, also a Motivational Speaker, Journalist, Blogger and Social activist. She is now managing Sai Ram Industries and takes care of the Marketing & Operations with her media exposure and by understanding the women’s fashion demand.

Ms. Srilekha Sairam plays a vital role here who, exorbitantly knows to market these real hair products. Srilekha has hands-on rich experience in the media industry, where the necessity of the real hair needs, demands, and usage is very much understandable. Well, get to know how popularly celebrities, media professionals, and women of all age groups use external hair for extension and fashion they use. We cater to them all, Srilekha says

Srilekha is well versed in using the right marketing tools to carry the products to the customers. She has tried multiple tools to connect with the most appropriate buyers whether it is B2B or B2C customers
Say it a big shopping mall or general shopping street by street, you can find hair extensions which are all synthetic and artificial. Availing real human hair is a tough fulfillment for many till now. We made it easy to go. We have made human hair extensions that are available easily at a cheaper price. Though it’s a luxury product globally, we have made it a more affordable product, and all consumers can buy Srilekha expresses

We are a 100 crore plus populated country. Take half of the population and divide it into men and women. All these women need a fancy extension for a different look for their office or a party. Some days for quick hairdressing they would require a messy bun on their hair. All these years only elite categories could avail it. We are excited to share that any woman who loves to buy second earrings and bangles can buy hair extensions through ‘The Hair Real’ as long as this is going to be presented as a general consumer & fashion product by us

Any mid-aged man who felt young baldness might feel uncomfortable and would prefer to go with hair transplantation. It is painful, non-removable, and cannot be changed if required, especially if it is not guaranteed. The wigs would cost just half of the price compared with hair transplantation. The benefits are painless, no guarantee is required, the hairstyle can be changed as preferred most specifically this luxury product is affordable to any man who can spend just 10 thousand to 20 thousand for a lifetime wig

It is the time in the midst of long passionate traveling with human hair, successfully launching “The Hair Real” to serve the Indian customers. If you give good wigs, hair extensions, clipons, streaks,frontals, ponytails, and all fancy real hair products, people would come to your shop and buy them, and as long as you ensure that your product quality is superior to the market standards & competitors. The Hair Real is one for the Real Hair. Now the new brand has taken a shape – ready to serve the Indian customers.

We are ambitious at The Hair Real and aim to go beyond the market to ensure that real hair is an obvious consumer product. It’s for all men & women and all across the cities. We aspire to encourage women entrepreneurs to open up 100+ The Hair Real franchisee-owned retail showrooms across the cities. Aiming to generate a few thousand job openings before 2025. Our dream is to create more skilled laborers and benefits their family livelihoods