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Ideal investment opportunity to the early-stage businesses, investors, entrepreneurs. Great investment in a promising industry that is now mandatory for Companies 10x potential. The effective rate of return to the investor is approximately 10%. More than 1+ growth hacking investors will be appreciated for this booming industry. The return will be based on the investment ticket size.

Why invest in the hair & beauty industry?

It is a vertical growing business which is highly fragmented and going through an evolution.

There is huge growing awareness for hair care and beauty in both men and women in India.

As per data from The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ernst & Young, the beauty market and the wellness industry is pegged at Rs. 4,010 crore with a steady growth rate of 20% – more than twice the annual growth. (CII reports)

An increasing number of middle-class sections are turning to beauty care.

The potential in terms of numbers, along with the continuous growth of urban population and mass media at our disposal can generate a multi million dollar corporate business.

Increasing number of consumers willing to pay a premium fee for beauty care and styling.

This has given rise to high end quality beauty care treatments and spas that cater to the demand by a widening section of the population.

Hence the need for hair products has become consumer products rather than a luxury product.

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Why do Indian Saloons prefer it?

About 30 percent of beauty salons are in the organized sector and this sector is expected to grow at a higher rate of about 20 percent. According to industry estimates, the number of salons in India is almost 65 lakhs, but only 30 percent are registered. The branded high-end sector or organized sector comprised Rs 2500 crore. It is also estimated that the salon and spa business together account for 31 percent of the total size of the beauty and wellness market.

Indian saloons which are all-inclusive of unisex, men & women, beauty Spas irrespective of any size, city, and the serving categories are ideal to cater the real hair wigs to their customers. We all are addicted to visiting the same saloon to take up the services which we visited last time, last month, and last year too as our internal research states. Therefore the existing salon and spa customers guaranteed buyers through respective salons and spas. The regular customers would prefer to buy apt wigs through the hairstylist/saloons.

Saloons have got a fabulous opportunity to expand their business vertical as resellers. Both men & women with baldness, huge hair loss, and other medical-related issues will feel comfortable to drop into their regular saloon and spas to pick their right wig and hair extension as solutions. Indian Salons/Spa is one of the unorganized segments but high thrust segment for their hair business which we strongly believe