Human hair is God’s graffiti. People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish. They could say the same looking at your hair as well… but that’s only if it is not done properly.

People say… If you have cancer, you’ll lose all your hair. So, is cancer the hair-loss culprit, who make millions of women lose their confidence and strength? No, the chemotherapy and radiation treatment undergone by cancer patients causes the Alopecia that devours their hair follicles.

Besides cancer, in this age of pollution and stress, the avaerage human brain fails to care about what is above it – scalp and hair. Hair fall problems are the worst nightmare to most of the human minds today. Chemotherapy, Massages & even surgery might like solutions. Yes, it is possible for lost hair to grow back. As we are born, the hair follicles are little sacs placed in our scalp. They develop only when we are babies. So we don’t get any new follicles. With age, hair follicles slowly get smaller. The smaller the follicles become, the lesser the hair production & growth. After several years of this damage, there are no more follicles able to produce hair growth.

Problematic, isn’t it? Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. Having the hairstyle of your wish is your dream, isn’t it? The Hair Real shall make your dream hair come real.

We provide 100% single donor human hair extensions sourced from the temples of south India. The Hair Real is the benchmark in Real Hair Extensions.

Which part of your scalp needs to be covered with? You name it. From Clip-In Extensions to Cover-Up Patches, Bangs to Buns to Ponytails and of course fully customizable natural hair wigs. Not just that. What would be colour/s of your choice? Black, Brown, Blonde or even turquoise? The Hair Real gives you everything.

The Hair Real’s Medical Wigs are the advent of all our products. They are complete wigs made from natural human hair. These area available in various sizes & colours and are fully customizable.

The Hair Real offers a 20% discount on medical human hair wigs for Cancer and Alopecia patients. Since 1989, The Hair Real’s wigs have been recommended by oncologists from leading cancer institutes to thousands of their patients.

For Patients suffering from hair loss due to other medical conditions like Psoriasis, certain thyroid issues, severe deficiencies, syphilis, polycystic ovary syndrome and Covid-19 can avail a minimal discount*.

Bring us your scalp, we shall wrap them in comfort and elegance.