Is your hair flat or uneven, especially on the sides?

Want to increase your hair volume and give it a bounce?

Want people to daze at the length, volume and vibrant colour as you brush your hair around your ears?

The Hair Real’s Invisible Hair Side Patch is the optimal solution for covering side bald spots, increasing crown volume and to cover up your wide parting. Crafted by expert human hands, it is lightweight with a seamless look. It is designed to blend with the roots, making it look like real hair. It has 2 sets of patches featuring 2 clips at the back. Get Instant Volume, Fuller And Thicker Hair Effortlessly. The Hair Real’s Invisible Hair Side Patches add volume around the sides, crown & cover up wide partings or bald spots.

  • 100% Human hair
  • Gives you longer and fuller hair instantly
  • Strip width: 4 Inches
  • Available in different shades/colours
  • Tangle free
  • Wash and recolour as many times as you wish!
  • Effortlessly blends in with your natural hair for a realistic look.
  • Makes your hair appear instantly thicker and fuller.
  • Quick, comfortable , easy to wear and style, a quick way to change up your look.
  • Set includes 1 piece.