What is your minimum order quantity?

3 Bundles

Who is your shipping agent ?


How long is the shipping to US/UK/France, etc

3 to 4 days

Is your hair steam or chemical processed?

No it’s 100% raw unprocessed hair which can be bleached up to 613

How long have you been into this business?

41 years (This company is founded by my father in law)

Are you a Manufacturer?


Do you have a factory?

Yes. Ours is one of the biggest hair factories in India.

What is the production time once my order is placed?

Based on your order quantity and stock availability. Anything available in stock can be shipped on the same day.

How long does the hair lasts ?

More than 3 years with proper maintenance

Are the hairs cuticles aligned/ cuticles intact ?


Is the hair single donor?


What is the shipping cost


Can the hair be coloured or bleached ?

Yes it can be bleached up to 613

What are the textures you offer?

Wavy, curly, straight, silky straight

Is your hair south or north Indian hair?

South Indian Hair