Alopecia – The Hair Real Solution

There is a bright spot in every dark cloud. Wait, not every bright spot is a good sign. Do you have bright spots on your head? Bald spots on your scalp! Alopecia Aerate, also known as Spot Baldness, is a condition that results in bald spots on the scalp.
There is Volume everywhere. Except on the front! Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) is a condition that causes hair loss on the front of your scalp.
If you, are agonized by any of these, relax.
The Hair Real offers you the ultimate solution. Just Cover-Up. Yes, just cover up. The Hair Real’s Invisible Cover-Up Patch is for those who wish to cover-up their small bald spots or if they have less volume at specific spots.
The Hair Real’s Invisible Cover-Up Patches are designed such that, once you clip them on, they look like real hair. Each strand is bound by skilled hands to the front portion making them invisible and hence the name.